Anatomy of a Viral


Posted on 19th June 2014

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After an incredibly successful piece of ‘viral’ marketing yesterday, I thought I’d show you how you, too, can create explosive online content.

It all started yesterday morning when I thought: “How can I make Just In Time PR stand apart from the crowd? How can I cut through all the online noise that is out there?

“What can I do that is so hilarious that everyone retweets it and I get shit loads of traffic and brand awareness?”

Anatomy of a Viral

So that you can see how a powerful piece of viral marketing take shape right from the very start, here are the thought processes I went through.

  • What’s happening in the world? The #WorldCup is on.
  • What’s funny? Cats are.
  • I’ll do something with football and cats in it.

I then scoured the internet for a picture of something to do with the World Cup and found one where Roy Hodgson looks like he’s casting a spell on something.

Next up, I asked myself: “Who or what could Roy Hodgson possibly want to cast a spell on?”

The answer, of course, was Pirlo.

Football Cats

Knowing I was onto something, I then googled ‘football cats’ and found an hilarious image of a slightly tubby moggie in mid-air that, on closer inspection, even looks a bit like Pirlo.

With the help of a free piece of online software, I then sewed the two images together, added an explosive speech bubble, embedded it in a tweet with the words ‘REVEALED: Roy Hodgson #WorldCup Strategy Update’ and the rest is history.

Take a look for yourself.









Within hours I’d received:

  • Thousands of retweets
  • 30k unique visits to the Just In Time PR website
  • 47 paying customers

Even social media sensation @AngryBritain retweeted me, it was that funny.

If you’d like me to do this for you, I charge £5000+VAT a pop, images not included*.

Now who wants to ‘go viral’?

*If you get sued for image rights, that’s your look-out.

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