E-Cigarette Direct

James Dunworth, the chairman of E-Cigarette Direct, a big player in the vaping market, tinkled Just In Time PR because he liked our results-driven approach. He wanted coverage and links on big eyeball consumer sites. To that end, James bought a couple of days of our time through Rhizome Lite. And guess what? Yip, we brought home the bacon.


Nicholas Gregory, the CEO of CommerceBlock, a company that brings the efficiencies of the blockchain to everyday business, approached Just In Time PR to raise his profile in advance of his ICO (Initial Coin Offering). We duly obliged and got him some stupendous exposure in quick time.

Retail Vision

John Ibbotson used Just In Time PR for six years to raise the profile of his retail consultancy, Retail Vision. A dour Northerner with a dark sense of humour and superb retail mind, we turned him into a media legend. He’s retired now, and we miss him dearly!

Prolific Mortgage Finance

When the Bank of England raised interest rates in November, mortgages were in the news left, right and centre. Lea Karasavvas, the MD of Prolific Mortgage Finance, a London broker, wanted to get in on the action. Enter Just In Time PR.

MB Capital

Marcus Bullus may sound like someone who should be lopping the heads off Germanic tribesmen and Christians back in 30AD but he actually heads up his own trading firm – MB Capital – in the City of London. He uses Just In Time PR to raise his profile in the national and international business media.

Dynamic You

Dynamic You is a cognitive behavioural therapy firm run by Alex Hedger – a thoroughly decent chap and trained psychotherapist. Alex discovered Just In Time PR in the summer of 2015 and used it to boost the profile of his growing business.