E-Cigarette Direct

July '18 - Aug '18

James Dunworth, the chairman of E-Cigarette Direct, a big player in the vaping market, tinkled Just In Time PR because he liked our results-driven approach. He wanted coverage and links on big eyeball consumer sites. To that end, James bought a couple of days of our time through Rhizome Lite. And guess what? Yip, we brought home the bacon.

Gone are the days when you’d walk into your local Wetherspoons to be confronted with a wall of Lambert & Butler smoke, 6% ABV pints and (invariably) a Sovereign-bedecked fist on the jaw. The brawlers and drunks at Just In Time PR miss those days but, alas, times move on — and now vaping is where it’s at.

Now we’d never PR’d a vaping firm until we got tinkled by James Dunworth, the chairman of one of the market leaders in the sector, E-Cigarette Direct, back in early July. He liked our no-nonsense approach and confidence to back ourselves and bought a couple of days of our time through Rhizome Lite.

With Rhizome Lite, there’s no contract. You just buy a day or two of our time and we go out and prove ourselves. If we’re rubbish, you can kick us into touch and slate us online — and if we’re great, you can top up with more time. It’s relaxed, proactive PR minus the jibber-jabber.

Suffice to say we bagged E-Cigarette Direct a sh*tload of quality hits in major media on the back of a press release we drafted about the countries where you can get nicked/flogged/a 10-stretch/hanged until dead for a sneaky vape outside the airport terminal. Happy Holidays!

Daily Mail – BLAM!  The Sun – ZAP!  Daily Mirror – POW!  Lad Bible – KABOOM!

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