Retail Vision

Nov '12 - Oct '17

John Ibbotson used Just In Time PR for six years to raise the profile of his retail consultancy, Retail Vision. A dour Northerner with a dark sense of humour and superb retail mind, we turned him into a media legend. He’s retired now, and we miss him dearly!

John Ibbotson of the global retail consultancy, Retail Vision, was one of Just In Time PR’s greatest ever clients. Sadly, in Autumn 2017, he hung up his boots – but the legend lives on.

We had ridiculous amounts of coverage for John over the years: whenever news broke regarding a big retailer or supermarket, we spoke to the big man rapido and got his views straight into the media.

John’s strength was to say it as it is. It’s because he didn’t pull any punches that journalists loved him and brands were frankly terrified of him. Morrisons’ corporate PR in particular. Here are some examples of coverage from 2017:

City AM – KAPOW!  The Independent – BLAP!  BBC – ZONK!  The Sun – BIFF!

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