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Posted on 15th June 2015

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Dynamic You is a company providing cognitive behavioural therapy to individuals, couples and organisations through seven clinics dotted around the UK.

I’ve had CBT myself in the past and, unlike a lot of treatments out there, I can tell you that it actually works.

Anyway, in order to raise their profile and generally get the Dynamic You name out there, founder Alex Hedger recently bought a few Just In Time PR media credits.

He liked the idea of them: after all, as a small but growing company, he doesn’t want to be hiring some fluffy PR outfit that will charge an arm and a leg, very likely tie him into a contract and then maybe, just maybe, deliver some results.

The idea of our media credits, on the other hand, appealed because:

  1. There is no risk, i.e. each media credit GUARANTEES you a piece of relevant media coverage.
  2. If we don’t get you the coverage, we will REFUND you your money in full after 3 months — because hell, we’d consider ourselves a shambles and wouldn’t deserve your cash.
  3. There’s NO CONTRACT, i.e. you buy 1, 2 or 3 media credits and once you’ve used them up, you can either buy some more or never speak to us again.

Thing is, we’re pretty sure that the ‘no-talky’ bit won’t happen. Why? Because we always get results!

So far so good

Alex only bought his media credits a week two ago and we’ve already used one credit — he has appeared, with a byline and link, on leading small business website, Smallbusiness.co.uk.

Given that a lot of small business owners suffer stress and could do with knowing how to manage it, this was a decent place to start. You can check the article out here.

We’ve also:

  • written a press release for Dynamic You on Londoners’ strangest phobias, which we’ll be issuing this week (we’ll update this post once the coverage has come in)
  • had Alex on the phone to a good contact of ours at the BBC, who will be using him at some point soon in an article on coping with financial stress.

All in all, we’re out of the blocks.

To find out more about our media credits, click here. Alternatively, call the lovely Christine on 020 7297 3165.

And remember: there’s no risk.

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