Just In Time PR case study: Tiger Recruitment

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Posted on 19th June 2015

Just In Time PR, if you’ve never come across us before, is all about helping small businesses showcase their expertise — and generally improve their profile — in the mainstream media.

This week we did so on behalf of leading UK secretarial recruiter, Tiger Recruitment.

On Wednesday, at 9:30am, the Office for National Statistics revealed the positive news that unemployment had dropped even further and that wages had also risen, by 2.7% relative to a year ago.

The media jumped on the story and started writing it up left, right and centre.

Media statement

As Tiger really know their stuff about everything jobs-related, we got in touch with managing director David Morel and asked if he’d like to share his views.

Despite being on his way to Royal Ascot (it’s alright for some), he agreed and so we quickly worked with him over the phone to draft a media statement.

Basically, he gave us his thoughts on the latest data and the broader jobs market, and we then turned it into the kind of soundbites the media like.

Quoted at length

Once he’d approved it, it was sent out to some of our journalist pals who were writing up the story. One, a contact at the Daily Express, loved what we sent and quoted David at length.

The story was the lead story online throughout most of Wednesday so Tiger had a lot of eyeballs and exposure.

No coverage, no fee

Tiger Recruitment used our ‘No Coverage, No Fee’ service, where we only ever charge clients IF they get coverage that’s relevant to them. So if we’d bizarrely got Tiger quoted in Concrete World, they wouldn’t have paid a penny!

If you fancy the same deal for your brand, give Christine at Just In Time PR a call on 020 7297 3165. If you call her ‘Ratty’, you’ll get a 10% discount the first time you use us.

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