London PR agency supremo breakdown continues



Posted on 21st January 2014

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The public breakdown of London PR agency supremo, Dominic Hiatt, continues.

“PR’s a mug’s game. I mean, look around you. Is there anything as ridiculous as trying to promote yourself to others?

“Last week I told one start-up after some PR to neck a litre of turps and spark up a cigar. You’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long term, I said.

“I mean, what kind of PR advice is that? It doesn’t stack up.

His advice to one company in a pickle was particularly left-field.

“Yesterday someone came to me saying they had a PR crisis on their hands and could I help?

“I  told them to ignore all press calls so that the media would draw their own conclusions.

“Bollocks to it all I said. Not long to go now anyway and where you’re headed the screams will drown out any regrets.”

The one-time PR maestro then proceeded to contemplate time.

“If time is infinite, and I believe it is, then everything goes and nothing stands. And if time is arbitrary, then everything stands, just not at the same time or in the same place necessarily.”

He wrapped up with some amateur astronomy. Very amateur.

“People say the stars exist, but do they? I’m not convinced. I only believe in what I can touch.

“So that rules the wife out.”

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