Newsjacking: Top 5 Tips from Just In Time PR


Posted on 30th July 2017

Just In Time PR is a newsjacking company through and through. Saw us in two and we bleed the news.

Each day we help UK companies achieve stupendous amounts of mainstream media coverage by getting them into BREAKING news stories.

Oh, and the best bit is we only charge them IF we get them media coverage.

No other UK PR company does this. Period.

Pushing an open door

Now newsjacking is both the easiest and hardest type of PR.

It’s easy in that you’re pushing an open door, i.e. rolling with the news agenda. It’s hard in that you need to be across the news agenda and understand what journalists want.

But done correctly, there’s no better way for smaller companies and start-ups to:

  • Raise their profile in the mainstream media
  • Show off their expertise to potential customers and clients
  • Create a powerful and authoritative online presence
  • Pick up high domain authority follow links from major media outlets

Top 5 Newsjacking Tips

If you want some of the action, here are Just In Time PR’s Top 5 Newsjacking Tips:

  1. Monitor the news agenda continuously for stories that are relevant to what your company does and the expertise it has in-house. Get into the habit of checking the news first thing in the morning and throughout the day. The sooner you spot a news story you can comment on or add value to, the more likely you’ll make it into it. In short, become a news junkie.
  2. Have a great writer to hand, ideally an ex-journalist, who can articulate your thoughts in punchy soundbites. This is key, as when writing a story up, journalists want colourful and outspoken soundbites that add value to a story, not dry, long-winded and ultra-technical dirges. Oh, and be sure to proof your copy before you email it to journalists — typos are a major turn-off.
  3. Have an extensive and updated database of journalists in your sector at the ready, who you can email rapidly, and en masse. This means you don’t have to waste valuable time when a story does break wondering who to send it to. In an ideal world, you will have your comment drafted and out on email within the ‘golden half hour’ of a news story breaking.
  4. When you’ve issued your brilliant comment on email to all key journalists, spend half an hour ‘mopping up’. This means keeping an eye out for any articles appearing on Google News about the story you’re targeting. If your comment isn’t in it, check if the journalist in question received it. If they didn’t, email it to them and say this may be of use if they’re developing their story.
  5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The more you newsjack and the more often journalists see your great comments coming across on email, the more likely they will be to use you in their next stories. There’s a reason you always see the same old ‘experts’ being quoted in stories: they are quick out of the blocks and send journalists (either themselves or through their PR agencies) pithy and punchy comments.

If you’re new to newsjacking, or would rather an expert guide you first time out, drop me an email or give me a call on 07595 221604. And remember: we’ll only charge you IF we get you media coverage, so there’s no risk whatsoever.

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