What it costs: Our ‘No Coverage, No Fee’ price structure

Our clients love the fact that they only ever pay us IF they get media coverage…

…And we don’t charge for any old exposure, either: it has to be media coverage that’s relevant to them and their brands.

Here’s our fee structure. It really is this simple!
  • Local/regional media (online and/or print) £100 
  • Trade media (online and/or print£100
  • Local TV/radio £200 
  • National media (online and/or print) £250 
  • National TV/radio £300 
  • Press Association/Associated Press/Reuters/Other Newswire £300      All prices exclude VAT

Importantly, we ‘cap’ our fees at £500 for each media statement issued. That way your fee doesn’t spiral out of control if you appear in 6 national newspapers — you’d still be charged £500, not £1500. Now that’s peace of mind! 

Oh, and if you pick up links along the way, which happens a lot, we won’t charge you extra – it’s all in the price. And we’re talking the kind of links that SEO numpties can only dream of…!