It’s official: we are the best PR agency ever



Posted on 21st December 2013

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It’s official: Just In Time PR is the best PR agency ever.

As I write, there are estimated 2m PR agencies globally talking bollocks, robbing their clients blind and generally making it up as they go along.

And we are proud to be at the very top of the heap.

Google never lies

The proof is on Google. Which everyone knows is always right.

And the funny thing is, we’re not just number one in the PR world, but, as you’ll see below, numbers one, two, three and four.

Because when you tap ‘best pr agency ever’ into Google, this is what you get.

The best PR agency ever

If Edelman are that good, how come they are fifth in line? Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha. Etc.

So, if you are with another PR agency at present, ditch them immediately and email them a link to this article.

There really is no point working with second best, you know. No point at all.

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  • Matt

    Sorry to burst your bubble Dom but the Google opium may just be cosseting you in your own personal search distortion field… see

    This is not to say that you don’t actually have the ‘best pr agency’ – it is quite possible. It’s just that those duplicitous opinion whores at Google are telling me something completely different than you. Basically if you keep telling yourself something is true then Google will eventually agree with you. But only in private. Like a really bad friend.

    Because behind your back they’re telling me that you’re only 5th best. Sluts.


    • Dominic Hiatt

      Dominic Hiatt Post author

      Thanks Matt – sluts indeed. Did you search for ‘best PR agency ever’ or ‘best pr agency’? I was focusing on the former. Nobody would ever search for that clearly. I was just doing it for vanity reasons!


  • Matt

    Scratch that. It appears they are just lying to me. If I log out they tell me that you are indeed correct and you do have the best PR agency ever. And the 2nd best. And the 3rd. Who knew? Well you did obviously.


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