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Posted on 25th July 2013

If you want stupendously good media exposure for your brand, and heaps of traffic, call Rhizome Media on 020 7297 3166

If you’ve not bought any, you need to soon. I’m talking about our new media credits.

Now these things are ridiculously good value if I say so myself. And I would say so because I came up with them.

It’s pretty simple. You buy three of them for £500+VAT up-front and then we guarantee to get you three lots of fantastic exposure in relevant media.


We will keep on going until you have had the coverage we promised you.

Here’s an example of a client who used one of our credits today. The coverage he got was truly biblical in proportion.

His name is Marcus Bullus and he runs a top stockbroking firm in the city of London, MB Capital.

Marcus used one of his credits this morning to issue a comment on Q2 GDP.

The result? Well, he made the front page story of the Evening Standard, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Reuters and The Week (with a back link).

There were countless others, too, and all for one credit. And you get three of those suckas for 500 smackeroonies. How much coverage is that?!

So if you use a PR firm, ditch them now and use us instead.

There’s no risk and we’ll deliver you more great publicity than you could wave a stick covered in poo at. We’ll also talk Dylan Thomas and Proust to you after hours.

And introduce you to cigars and fine bourbon.

Why do we do all this? Hell, it’s because we want to #democratisethemedia

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