Quick PR results? Hijack the news, godammit

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Posted on 19th November 2016

If you’re after quick PR results, you’re in the right place. You impatient SOAB.

Quick PR results are what Just In Time PR is all about. Hell, we’re as quick to deliver as a dose of the clap – but with a lot less sting (on your wallet).

We’ll spare you all the usual PR jibber-jabber – strategy, messages, timeframes and all the other Michael Ballacks – and stick you and your brand in the biggest media outlets out there.

Quick PR results

With us, there’ll be no fannying around with some two-bit local rag with a readership of 56 straw-chewing in-breds and a Collie named Steve.

Hell no, you’re heading for the big guns of the media, the land of eyeballs and traffic. And, if you’re lucky, links. And usually it happens within days cuz we knows our onions.

And if we don’t get you any coverage, you don’t pay us a goddam penny. How’s about that? No risk for you whatsoever. It’s all on us.


So what’s it all about? Well Just In Time PR, as the name implies, is all about sticking brands into stories that are relevant to them. We operate by hijacking the news, or ‘newsjacking’.

We’ve been doing it for over 10 years now and are the best in the goddam business. Ask us to show you examples — we get new ones each and every day.

Just sign up on the site and we’ll give you a call, find out a bit about your company and then go out and find big stories to put you into. You’ll show off your expertise and bask in media glory.

And remember, Just In Time PR isn’t just about getting quick PR results and serious eyeballs – it’s also about getting amazing media exposure for silly prices.

For example, getting you onto the BBC or into The Times costs roughly the same as a night out on the lash, pie and chips and bottle of poppers. 250 notes. So what you waiting for?

quick pr results

A selection of poppers if you like that kind of thing.

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