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Posted on 8th April 2015

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Dom-Picture-frameWhat is reactive PR? It’s a way for companies to get a mind-boggling amount of media exposure by jumping onto breaking news stories that are relevant to them.

Here’s an example of it in practice. From today, no less.

Over-priced lattes

At 9:30 this morning, as the rest of the PR world was dipping its croissants into over-priced lattes all around London, we were analysing a brand new report published by the Bank of England on mortgage lending.

Here it is, if you fancy torturing yourself with mind-numbingly dull statistics.

Anyway, the report was relevant to one of our clients, the specialist finance provider, Dragonfly – who happen to be the biggest and best bridging loan company in the world. Ever.

Sahara-dry stats

In the event, it turned out that, amid the Sahara-dry statistics, the report contained some pretty decent insights and angles. Basically, as ex-journalists ourselves we figured it was likely to get ‘picked up’ by the media.

So what did we do? Well what we didn’t do, first of all, was carry on dipping our croissants into our lattes.

Instead, we quickly drafted a ‘media statement’ on the report along with our client, giving their views on its key findings.

Once they’d signed it off, we sent it over to all the media we reckoned would potentially be writing the story up.

Beeb me up, Scotty

And the first reactive PR ‘hit’ (translate: bit of media exposure) we got for Dragonfly?

On none other than the BBC. And their CEO, Jon, got quoted at length, too. Here you go, have a read of the story in all its glory.

This, then, is what reactive PR is, or does. It takes companies and gets them into breaking news stories that are related to what they do.

And, on the back of that, it gets them phenomenal eyeballs and brand exposure.

Oh, and the best bit of all? Here at Just In Time PR we’ll only charge you IF we get you coverage. If we get you no coverage, there’s no fee whatsoever. You pay nada.

To find out more, read this or call Christine on 020 7297 3162

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