Proactively push your brand in the media

Some companies don’t want to wait around for ‘reactive’ media opportunities to come their way via Just In Time PR. So they buy a day of our time from our big sister agency, Rhizome Media. We call it Rhizome Lite.

With Rhizome Lite, there’s not a contract in sight. Hell, we know that most companies think PR agencies are full of arseholes with names like ‘Henny‘ and ‘Raff‘ — so we’re happy to move at your pace while you get to know us.

With Rhizome Lite, for example, we might:

  • Secure you an opinion piece in one of your target media outlets – oh, and write it on your behalf
  • Draft and ‘sell in’ a press release to your target media, whether national, trade or both
  • Secure a profile of you or your company in a preferred publication or website
  • Introduce you to a key journalist in your sector or from a national media outlet over coffee or lunch
  • Launch a new product or service into the media via a press release and some journalist briefings

The Rhizome Lite fee structure is shown below. Want to start with just the one day? No worries at all! Let us earn your trust before you buy more of our time. Scout’s honour we won’t shaft you.

Rhizome Lite Fee Structure

  • 1 day – £1000+VAT
  • 2 days – £1800+VAT
  • 3 days –  £2500+VAT
Note that when we say you buy a ‘day’ of our time, we really mean 8 hours – generally this time will be spread out across a number of days so don’t worry, you don’t have to choose one particular day!