How it works: 5 Steps to Super Media Exposure

Just In Time PR is a ‘No Coverage, No Fee’ PR service that gets smaller companies and organisations like yours mainstream, massive eyeballs media exposure.

We do this by getting in touch with you whenever we see a news story that we think you could contribute to. This is called ‘reactive‘ PR, or ‘newsjacking’.

And because we know smaller companies like yours have to keep a close eye on their marketing and PR spend, we’ll only charge you when we get you great publicity. Now ain’t that fine and dandy?

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign-up  Submit some simple contact details via our sign-up form and we’ll add you to our database. Your mobile number is key because news stories can break at any time

2. Story breaks  When a story breaks that’s relevant to your sector or expertise, we’ll be in touch and ask if you’d like to comment. It’s entirely your choice – no pressure!

3. Draft media statement  If you do want to contribute your views to the story, we’ll turn your thoughts into a punchy and well-written ‘media statement’ that journalists simply love

4. Issue media statement  Once you’ve approved the media statement, we’ll get it across to all the journalists who are covering the story, generally by email

5. No Coverage, No Fee If, and ONLY if, you get featured in a relevant media outlet will we charge a fee. Being mentioned on the BBC or in The Times, for example, would cost you £250