Social media agencies are liars.



Posted on 25th January 2014

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Social media agencies are liars.

The lie’s so goddam brazen that we’re only now starting to see it.

The lie is this: social media agencies know more about social media than you do.

It’s bollocks, of course.

After all, you are the social: in all its ugly glory.

Social media agencies are trying to sell you what you already have, or rather, what you already are.

They’re trying to sell you, you. Plus VAT and disbursements.

The people I know on social who are the best at it don’t work for a social media agency.

They’ve been nowhere near one.

They’re rank bloody amateurs rather than ‘professionals’, but they rank higher than the pros because of that.

And that’s the irony.

For the social to be professional, it has to be amateur.

It can never be anything other than amateur.

Speak to amateurs

The idea of a social media agency that knows more about the social than you is a lie.

If you’re after advice on the social, speak to rank amateurs, not pros.


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  • @AngryBritain

    You have no idea how true this is. I’ve been looking for contract work over the past few weeks, and not one single ‘Social media agency’ has been interested in me, because I don’t have a PR or agency background’

    I guess 32,000 followers on Twitter, columns at two nationals, and social content all over the UK press doesn’t cut it?

    It’s a joke. Time to set up our own SM Agency full of people who DO actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to social, AND can prove it

    Top blog! – AB


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