The Sunday Times shows its true tabloid colours


Posted on 24th August 2014

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The front page of today’s The Sunday Times blurts out the following –

“Beheader Jihadi John identified” (see below).

Jihadi John identifiedThis is big news, a story that’s relevant to us all, and so chances are you’re going to buy it.

It turns out, though, that The Sunday Times has misled us – spectacularly so.

Once you read the first line of the story (below), it’s clear that the beheader, ‘Jihadi John’, has not been identified at all.

“MI5 and MI6 have identified the British fighter suspected of murdering the American journalist James Foley, senior government sources confirmed last night.”

What’s actually happened – something that has been reported across countless other media outlets over the past day – is that the intelligence services have identified a person who is ‘suspected’ of being Jihadi John.

Which is different to identifying him – and in no way justifies the headline.

But that doesn’t concern The Sunday Times, because by the time you read the article there’s a good chance you’ll have already bought this prestigious paper at a cost of £2.50 to find out who the perpetrator of this horrendous crime is.

But then, hey, quality journalism is worth the money, right?


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