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UK PR agency, Just In Time PR, blitzes the media

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Just In Time PR, the only genuinely pay-by-results UK PR agency, had a stupendous day of media coverage today. At 7am in the morning, while the rest of the PR world was still dreaming of that first skinny latte, we were manoeuvring our big artillery into position for yet another media barrage. We had 16 […]

Looking for PR results? Look no further kiddo!

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Some super-duper PR results today for new Just In Time PR client, Chris Love of Stirling-based independent mortgage broker, Mortgage Simplicity. Now you know what we love doing here at Just In Time PR. Damn right, we love putting new voices into the media, specifically smaller companies and organisations that don’t want, or can’t afford, […]

Financial PR agency bags front page of Daily Express

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We’re not any old financial pr agency, hell no. We’re the PR equivalent of Dolph Lundgren in the ring with Apollo Creed: there’s only gonna be one result. “Creed’s going down…Creed’s in trouble!…Creed ain’t getting up!”

Why PR? How will it benefit my business?

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Why PR? Why not advertise instead? How will PR benefit my business? Is it measurable? What am I going to get out of it?

Best UK PR agencies: avoid them at all cost! PR Tip #11

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Forget the best UK pr agencies if you’re looking to grow your brand in the media. Instead, hire the worst one you can find. No, I’m not insane. I speak the truth.

Financial pr agency give you mean PR tip #10

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Thinking of hiring a financial pr agency? Stop right there, fruitcake. There’s usually only one outcome when you take on a financial pr agency. It’s your derriere doing a passable impression of one of these….

Financial PR agency and not a croissant in sight – Yee haa!

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The average financial pr agency, if you’ve not read any of our previous posts, isn’t on the Just In Time PR Christmas Card list. We reckon they’re over-priced outfits that are more focused on serving you up warm croissants in front of flip-charts than getting you the media coverage you want. Hell, some of them […]

Financial pr agencies: 5 questions you should ask them

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Financial pr agencies: there are hundreds of them, especially in London. Some will be big, some will be small — all will charge an arm and a leg. These big corporate agencies can be quite intimidating, too, especially if you’re a smaller business and new to the communications and media game. They’ll have big offices […]

London PR agency give best PR Tips EVER #1

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London PR agency give best PR Tips EVER is a new blog thread we’re starting here at Just In Time PR. Well, you know, we’ve picked up a fair few public relations secrets over the years and thought we’d share them with the world. So here goes. Right from the top (or is that bottom?). […]

Financial PR Agencies Are NOT Meant To Do This

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Financial PR agencies are not meant to criticise the journalists who pay their wages. After all, if the journalists don’t like them, they don’t use them, and if they don’t use them, they have to start smoking Hamlets rather than Hoyo de Monterreys. And that is no good. But in the interests of a quality […]



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