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If Bristol PR agencies insist on a notice period from the off… don’t fall for it

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The temptation for Bristol PR agencies to use notice periods from the get go will be as strong as anywhere else. But I’m here to tell you that, in the jungle that is public relations, contractual notice periods can be the Boa constrictor of a promising PR campaign. They have the power to squeeze the […]

Ask every Bristol PR agency you meet this one question

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Cards on the table. There are plenty of used-car salesmen in the PR industry and if you’re not in London – where there’s far more choice – it can be a daunting task being asked to hire a Bristol PR Agency. One quick example: we’ve got a client who interviewed a PR firm and was […]

Quick PR results? Hijack the news, godammit

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If you’re after quick PR results, you’re in the right place. You impatient SOAB. Quick PR results are what Just In Time PR is all about. Hell, we’re as quick to deliver as a dose of the clap – but with a lot less sting (on your wallet). We’ll spare you all the usual PR jibber-jabber – strategy, messages, timeframes and all the […]

Quality media exposure travels faster than light

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High quality media exposure as spun by truth cowboys at Just In Time PR was today proven to travel faster than light and to have the potential to reach beyond the estimated 93 billion mile diameter of the observable universe. For years, humanity has tried to reach out to other non-intelligent life forms, blasting metal canisters containing David […]

Traditional Media and the Body Without Organs

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You’ll find countless reasons in ‘the media’ why the traditional media are ‘struggling’. Ignore them. They’re peripheral. The most important reason by far has had very little attention at all. It’s this…

Top London PR agency seeks hell-raiser to join team

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Top London PR agency, Just In Time PR, is recruiting. We’re looking for a ‘Senior Account Manager’, whatever the hell that is. So if you’d like to work for a company run by a fat bloke with a drink problem and a moral compass that only ever points south, you can apply here today. Well, […]

Best PR agency, Just In Time PR, v. fussy clientwise

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Here at the UK’s best PR agency, Just In Time PR, we’re very fussy about the clients we work with. We believe life is too short to spend time with people you can’t stand.

Media coverage: another humdinger of a day at Just In Time PR

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Media coverage? We live and breathe it here at Just In Time PR. In fact, today was a humdinger. The UK’s only 100% results-based PR agency put a handful of clients into the news as stories broke left, right and centre. Here’s a quick summary of what happened:

Our media credits rock! Want PR? Check this out!

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If you’ve not bought any, you need to soon. I’m talking about our new media credits. Now these things are ridiculously good value if I say so myself. And I would say so because I came up with them.

PR results: MB Capital Scores a Home Run

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Frankly ridiculous PR results for top London stockbroker, MB Capital, on Friday. At 13:30 BST, the latest non-farm payrolls data was published in the US (08:30 ET). This is a very big monthly jobs announcement stateside that acts as a health check on the world’s biggest economy.



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