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PR Results: w/c 25/03/13

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Another week, another load of PR results for your favourite public relations agency, Just In Time PR. Ashley Brown of UK mortgage broker, Moneysprite, kicked the week off with a truckload of coverage around the British Bankers’ Association latest mortgage stats.

Want PR results? Run your eyeballs over this, butty!

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Would you love to get PR results rather than put up with PR guff? You know what I mean by PR guff: pretty little powerpoint presentations, a spread of Pret sandwiches (that you’re paying for, of course) and someone who bangs on about key messages when no journalist gives a damn about key messages!

3 reasons why the traditional PR agency is f****d

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The traditional PR agency is f****d. There are countless reasons why but here are three. Should do to get us started.

Just In Time PR: coverage highlights

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At Just In Time PR, our goal is pretty simple. We want to give smaller companies and organisations who haven’t got huge PR and marketing budgets a bigger share of voice in the media.

Just In Time PR Hits the Jackpot for Penguin

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Just In Time PR, if you’re new to it all, is about helping smaller firms and organisations get a bigger voice in the media. When I say media, I mean all kinds of media, depending on where you want to be. Your target media, for example, could be:

Financial PR: No Fuss, Just Results

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There are far more important, far more pleasurable things in life than financial PR. Where do you want to start?

Page 1 of Google or Page 1 of a Broadsheet?

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Which would you prefer for your company? Getting to the top of page 1 of Google for your primary keyphrase or getting your company’s name onto the front page of a broadsheet?

London PR agency gives Jack Russell its marching orders

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London, 20 February 2013: Top London PR agency, Just In Time PR, today announced it has given notice to a Jack Russell, just days into its new role. The appointment of the 3-year old bitch, as Senior Account Manager, was watched fairly closely by professionals within the public relations industry.

London PR agency hires dog as senior account manager

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London, 14 February 2013: A London PR agency has hired a Jack Russell as Senior Account Manager. ‘Daisy’ beat off five experienced public relations professionals to land the role at top London PR agency, Just In Time PR.

Why PR? How will it benefit my business?

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Why PR? Why not advertise instead? How will PR benefit my business? Is it measurable? What am I going to get out of it?



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