Traditional Media and the Body Without Organs

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Posted on 15th October 2013

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You’ll find countless reasons in ‘the media’ why the traditional media are ‘struggling’.

Ignore them. They’re peripheral.

The most important reason by far has had very little attention at all.

It’s this…


Semiotic violence

The game’s up for the traditional media because they lack the raw energy, the semiotic violence, the unspeakable innocence of the emerging social.

They can’t compete with it. It’s beyond them.

They’re putting up a fight, as you’d expect, but the nights are drawing in.

Winter’s coming, etc.

On the outside

In the social, there’s an edge, a danger, a hedonism and, dare I say it, a purity that the media cannot understand, let alone match.


They’re doing their best to understand what’s happening, and remodel themselves, but they lack the vocabulary.

Not that what’s happening involves words anyway.

Body without organs

If Deleuze wasn’t somewhere on the other side of it, he’d be over the moon.

Through the infinite rhizome, the body without organs* that is the internet, we’re returning to a nomadic way of thought.

And anyone who has tried it will know that you can’t deliver newspapers to nomads.


John Wayne

And it’s not just the media organ that’s going to be walking like John Wayne.

The political organ will be, too.

Governments, entire political apparatuses and systems, can’t grasp this energy of the emerging social, either.

And they, too, will fail to accommodate it.

The political is returning to the social.

*”When you will have made him a body without organs, then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions and restored him to his true freedom.” (Antonin Artaud: To Have Done with the Judgment of God).

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  • Alan Cassady-Bishop

    The print media is running in a race with it’s ankles tied together and it’s shorts around it’s knees!

    Good ol’ Yellow Pages still sell Yell.Com as an online telephone directory … even though most people have Google as it’s home page. I remember the TV series “Callan” where a disused school was lined with old telephone directories as sound-proofing; soon, the lining will be current publications. And yet, they still don’t get it!

    Politico’s bring in legislation too late for issues that have cropped up on the internet, pretending to be “with it” and “urgent”; they try gagging the social ether using laws made in a time when t’internet never existed; they lie and pretend the web won’t publicise their perfidity!

    All the time, The Old Guard of The Establishment look for the “turbo” setting on their zimmer frames while the free social atmosphere sprints around and past them. And the Establishment blame the web, rather than their own poor appreciation of the New Ether World


  • DaveTheJourno

    One thing in favour of traditional media is that it wouldn’t publish badly-written, stream-of-conciousness blogs like this! To be fair, I think there’s some good points buried somewhere in this, but it could do with a traditional editor to help tease them out!


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