UK Front Pages Cower Behind the Facts


Posted on 8th January 2015

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The UK newspapers let us down today.

But more importantly, they let down the people who died in Paris and what they stood for.

Only The Independent got it right.


The rest hid away behind rational reportage — the cold reporting of the facts.

What we got from most headlines was ‘assault on free speech’, ‘attack on democracy’, the ‘barbarism of the murderers’, the ‘horror of the crime’.

What we needed was the symbolic gesture, the fuck-you defiance of the murderers and everything they represent.

The Independent sensed this, and it saw it through.

Its single finger salute, in the style of Charlie Hebdo, displayed an emotive solidarity with the people who died, and a courageous commitment to their ideals.

It walked the walk, while the other front pages talked the talk, and cowered behind the intricacies of the event.

We are all Charlie.

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