UK PR agency, Just In Time PR, blitzes the media

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Posted on 11th April 2013

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Just In Time PR, the only genuinely pay-by-results UK PR agency, had a stupendous day of media coverage today.

At 7am in the morning, while the rest of the PR world was still dreaming of that first skinny latte, we were manoeuvring our big artillery into position for yet another media barrage.

We had 16 inch shells in our hands, and a serious look on our face.

Donner und blitzen!

Why were we up so early? Well, at 7am today both Mothercare and M&S published their trading updates for the fourth quarter.

We worked with long-time Just In Time PR client, the retail consultants Retail Remedy, to analyse both sets of results and issue two statements to the media.

And what a day it was.

The Just In Time PR howitzers fired long and true. And they were deadly accurate.

Hell, this wasn’t PR, it was a modern-day Dresden.

UK pr agency hires howitzer for media barrage

James McGregor, Dominic Hiatt preparing the PR howitzers for battle earlier today. Minutes later, the media were reduced to rubble.

Media rubble

The thoughts of James McGregor, the 50% of Retail Remedy that has hair, appeared left, right and centre. Everywhere. The media were reduced to rubble.

James’ thoughts on Mothercare and M&S appeared, among other places:

God, I’m getting bored. You get the point.

And the cost for all this coverage? It would be rude to give an exact figure but let’s say it was roughly the price of six Montecristo No.2’s.

Hiring a UK PR agency?

The moral of this short, and slightly deranged tale?

If you’re thinking of hiring a UK pr agency, or are considering ditching your current lot because they’re poo, give Just In Time PR a call today, or complete the short form (above right).

The best bit of all is that we’ll never charge you a penny unless you get results.

It’s an absolute no brainer!


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